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Technological line for yoghurt processing
Цена по запросу
Normit Food, S.R.O., SK
This universal homogenization device with a pasteurizer is designed for a wide range of food products, from liquid to highly viscous, with...
В радиусе 20 км от Эспоо
Ultrafiltration system
Цена по запросу
Litech Aqua, ООО, UA, 16 км +5 объявлений
Ultrafiltration is one of the baromembrane methods of water purification. Under certain pressure, the water entering the ultrafiltration unit...
Beech lamella directly from the manufacturer (Ukraine)
720 €/м.куб.  
Оптовая цена
650 - 670 €/м.куб.
Ортоленд, ООО, UA, 16 км
Production company "Ortoland" offers lamellas from peeled veneer beech of own manufacturing. Latoflex is one of the necessary components of...
Мягкая мебель в современном стиле
32 €/шт
LESA, LS, TR, 16 км
Our company produces soft furniture under LESA HOME brand name. We produce soft furniture for bedrooms and living rooms, both in single version,...
Wood wool cement board / Puuvillan sementtilevy
4.50 €/м.кв. DAP
Nordeca, SIA, LV, 16 км
Wood wool cement board/Puuvillan sementtilevy GB1(300kg/m³ density) Low density plate. Main application: – Heat insulation; – Sound insulation,...
Saving energy consumption by 50% or more - STH-technology
Цена по запросу
МНПК Clobal STH Technology, Ассоциация, RU, 16 км
Our company is engaged in the innovative energy saving technologies development. These technologies are called STH-technology. Our company...
Cotton linter pulp (cotton cellulose)
10 €/т  
Оптовая цена
10 - 20 €/т
Ферганский Химический Завод, ООО, UZ, 16 км
Cotton pulp: Sheet pulp acc. to TS 24095100 02:2014 Loose acc. to GOST 595-79. Production capacity: 2 lines - 30,000 (by design) tons per...
Евровагонка из Липы, Осины. Lining, Shelves of linden
Оптовая цена
8 - 14 €/м.кв. DAP
ЛесПромЭкспорт, ООО, RU, 16 км
Предлагаем со склада и под заказ погонажные изделия из липы и осины (евровагонка, полок, полуполок, плинтус половой, плинтус потолочный(галтель),...
Electrochemical Leaching Reactor FLR 14
3 800 $/шт FOB
EcoPeatMix, ООО, RU, 16 км +6 объявлений
The reactor is designed to intensify chemical processes and more fully recover precious metals from refractory ores and concentrates, as well as...
Centrifugal Concentrator with floating Bed CCFB 400
12 800 $/шт FOB
EcoPeatMix, ООО, RU, 16 км +6 объявлений
Centrifugal concentrator with floating bed CCFB 400 is designed for high-quality gravity concentration of fine material (sand and alluvial...
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